FLF Scholarship Logo2The Fairfax Library Foundation established a Scholarship Program to award four different scholarships to enhance the skills and talents of current or future library staff and volunteers in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax, subsequently enhancing the level of service the library can provide.

Congratulations to our recent Scholarship Awardees!

“The Foundation’s MLS scholarship was instrumental both to making library school affordable as well as adding value to FCPL upon graduation. I would highly recommend any of the Fairfax Library Foundation’s scholarships to anyone seeking to make higher education both affordable and accessible in terms of furthering their education. The Foundation is doing as excellent job in this area and is to be commended for their valuable work in our profession and the community as a whole.”

– David Mercer, Scholarship Recipient and FCPL Librarian

“I am so grateful to have received the 2011 Edwin S. Clay III Masters of Library Science Scholarship. It’s one of the many ways working for FCPL change my life for the better and has helped me make a difference in the community I serve.

“Going back to school was energizing, but challenging too. Receiving the award boosted my confidence reminding me that I could do it. Since the award required references, it reminded me other professionals believed in me too.”

– Robin Sofge, Scholarship Recipient and Alexandria Librarian

Scholarship Sponsors

We are grateful for our Scholarship Sponsors! George Mason Friends, Inc. is sponsoring a graduate-level scholarship at the $5,000 level for a period of 10 years. You can read more about that award on the Graduate Scholarships page. The Friends of Burke Centre Library are sponsoring an undergraduate scholarship at the $2,000 level. You can read more on the Undergraduate Scholarship page. These sponsorships have a positive impact on our library staff and volunteers, thank you!

The Foundation is seeking additional sponsors and partnerships to increase the number of opportunities for scholarship awards under its Scholarship Program. Scholarships are available for both graduate and undergraduate studies, as well as continuing educational courses and events. Interested library customers, companies, corporations, private parties and other interested groups should contact the Foundation for further information.

“The Foundation Scholarship Program elevates our library system by providing additional education and training opportunities to our staff and volunteers. The Scholarship Program is designed to prepare the library for the future and attract young learners to the rewarding library profession in Fairfax County.  The scholarships awarded by the Foundation are valuable investments in our library system and community.”

– Jessica Hudson, Library Director, Fairfax County Public Library


Undergraduate Scholarships – Deadline January 15

The Foundation determines the number of awards to be granted each year dependent on the availability of highly qualified candidates and funds. They are merit-based scholarships and are available to:

Current employees and volunteers of the FCPL System.

Residents of Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax who intend to complete an application to perform volunteer hours in the FCPL System — upon receipt of a scholarship, up to a maximum of sixty (60) hours of volunteer service during a 12-month period may be required.

The first awards for this scholarship were granted in April 2013, and 56 awards have been granted since for a total of $69,300.

Graduate Scholarships – Deadline April 15

Scholarships are granted for graduate-level programs in library-related career fields. Awards are available for persons who live, work, and volunteer or attend school within Fairfax County and City of Fairfax. These scholarships support the Fairfax County Public Library System to meet current and future needs for librarians and other library positions that require graduate credentials and to deliver high quality service to the County and City residents. Graduate scholarships were first awarded in July 2002, and 57 awards for a total of $152,000 have been granted.

Continuing Education Scholarships – Deadlines July 15 & January 15

Awards are granted to library staff and volunteers to continue their education (through classes, conferences, and other professional development opportunities) to enhance their capabilities and deliver a higher quality of service to library customers. Since June 2002, 185 awards have been granted for a total of $66,982.

Graduate-Level Continuing Education Scholarships – Deadline July 15

The Foundation awards scholarships to support the continuing education of all FCPL employees who have attained a master’s degree and wish to obtain a post-master’s certification or similar qualification. Only FCPL employees who have attained a graduate degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This is a new scholarship program instituted by the Foundation in early 2015 and so far one award has been granted for $2,000.