Become a Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of Fairfax Library Foundation means supporting Fairfax County Public Library — strengthening our community.

We are launching a new sponsorship program, with sponsorship status and benefits for one year from the time of sponsorship. Sponsorships are available to individuals, families, foundations and other organizations, and corporations. Please see the detailed benefits below, and download the sponsor form here.

To learn more, please contact Abigail Fine at 703-324-8300 or


Sponsor Levels and Benefits

Join fellow library lovers in supporting the Fairfax County Public Library by becoming a sponsor of Fairfax Library Foundation. Generous support from our sponsors helps the Foundation in its mission to enhance Fairfax County Public Library programs and services, which benefits the entire community. Thank you, in advance, for your support!


BOOKMARK Sponsor – $250

  • Bookmark level acknowledgment on the Fairfax Library Foundation website for one year (2100 views per month, and growing)
  • Book Club level listing in Fairfax Library Foundation Annual Report (printed and online versions)
  • Complimentary admission for 2 guests to the Jubilee

READER Sponsor – $500

  • All recognition above, at Reader level, plus:
  • Reader level acknowledgment on Jubilee banners and signage
  • Complimentary admission for 4 guests to the Jubilee

BOOK CLUB Sponsor – $1,000

  • All recognition above, at Book Club level, plus:
  • Book Club level acknowledgment with your prominent logo on Jubilee banners and signage
  • Complimentary admission for 6 guests to the Jubilee

AUTHOR Sponsor – $2,500

  • All recognition above, at Author level, plus:
  • Logo prominent, with link, on Foundation website
  • Complimentary admission for 8 guests to the Jubilee

EDITOR Sponsor – $5,000

  • All recognition above, at Editor level, plus:
  • Logo prominent in Foundation Annual Report (printed and online) and logo in promotional materials at 23 library branches
  • Editor level verbal recognition at the Jubilee
  • Complimentary admission for 10 guests to the Jubilee

PUBLISHER Sponsor – $10,000

  • All recognition above, at Publisher level, plus:
  • Personalized donor appreciation event for up to 10 guests
  • Complimentary admission for 12 guests to the Jubilee

GUARDIAN Sponsor – $15,000

  • All recognition above, at Guardian level, plus:
  • Personalized donor appreciation event for up to 15 guests
  • Complimentary admission for 14 guests to the Jubilee


  • All recognition above, at Signature Society level, plus:
  • Personalized, private donor appreciation event for up to 30 guests
  • Exclusive press release featuring your Signature level sponsorship
  • Signature level verbal recognition at the Jubilee and opportunity to make remarks
  • Complimentary admission for 20 guests to the Jubilee

Your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent of the Law. The Fairfax Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (EIN 54-1722709).

You can sponsor program areas!

You can designate your sponsorship to benefit specific programs and services for Fairfax Library Foundation. Programs may be partially sponsored, starting at $250. These opportunities are  only exclusive if sponsored at the full amount.  Benefits of the sponsorship level, listed above, still apply.

Program Areas

BOOKS & MATERIALS – $40,000 The Foundation expands the library’s collection by helping to supply the 23 branches with books and materials to ensure that the largest possible selection is available to all community members.

DIGITAL COLLECTION – $30,000 The Foundation expands the library’s e-book and digital resources collection available to all library card members. The need for the e-book collection grows every year.

CHANGING LIVES THROUGH LITERATURE – $28,000 Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL) is an alternative to formal court action for first time juvenile offenders and is used in conjunction with probation and parole.  CLTL works like a book group and initiates the first steps of rehabilitation by building offenders’ self-esteem, encouraging critical thinking, fostering an understanding of how actions affect others, and teaching offenders that they are not alone with their troubles.

EARLY LITERACY – $110,000 Ready to Read Early Literacy Outreach brings the first essential skills of reading to preschool aged children (ages 3-5).  Preschoolers in child care centers or Head Start classrooms are introduced to the joys of reading by a trained Outreach representative who visits the children for storytime.  Picture books are given to both the children and their caregivers to take home to extend the benefits of early literacy.

PRESENTATIONS – $70,000 Fairfax Library Foundation contributes funds to many library events, including the Summer Reading Challenge, Fall for the Book, and the Book Club Conference. Over the years, the Foundation has also hosted the Capital Book Festival, the Perspectives Series, All Fairfax Reads, and many author presentations.

SCHOLARSHIPS – $25,000 The Fairfax Library Foundation established a Scholarship Program to enhance the skills and talents of current or future library staff and volunteers in Fairfax County, subsequently enhancing the level of service the library can provide. There are scholarship programs for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education studies.

Individual Programs

*New* – NEW AMERICAN INITIATIVE – $15,000 The immigrants in our community would greatly benefit from an enhanced collection of English Language Learners materials. Learn more here.

1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN – $24,000 The Foundation provides funding for all materials for this brand-new initiative in Fairfax County. Special need for funding to print the materials in Spanish.

AMAZON WISH LIST – $10,000 The Foundation supports the Amazon Wish List – the titles the library most needs to add to the collection.

BRANCH CELEBRATIONS – $5,000 Honors the important milestones of the library branches in our communities.

SUMMER READING CHALLENGE – $14,000 Enhances this important community-wide summer program, reaching over 48,000 students each year.