George Mason Friends Support Scholarship Program

George Mason Friends Donate to Fairfax Library Foundation’s Scholarship Program to Support Fairfax County Public Library Staff and Volunteers

Fairfax, VA – Fairfax Library Foundation is pleased to share that the George Mason Friends have made a gift to the Foundation of $50,000 for the Graduate Scholarship Program. The Graduate Scholarship in Honor of the George Mason Friends is an annual $5,000 Scholarship to a library volunteer or staff member to pursue graduate studies in library science or related field, to be continued for ten years. Previously, the maximum scholarship award for graduate study was $3,500. This gift from George Mason Friends advances the Foundation’s mission with the Scholarship Program: to enhance through educational opportunities the capability of the Fairfax County Public Library staff and volunteers to deliver high quality public service. “We are very grateful to the George Mason Friends for this significant commitment to the Foundation’s Scholarship Program. This gift will have a big impact on our library staff, and in turn, will strengthen our library system,” says Susan Harman, Executive Director, Fairfax Library Foundation.

George Mason Friends are the Friends of the Library group associated with George Mason Regional Library. Each of Fairfax County’s library branches has an independent Friends Group that operates to support the library. George Mason Friends has previously funded a $500,000 endowment for Fairfax County Public Library’s Summer Children’s Reading Program and has provided annual support to the Foundation’s Library Jubilee fundraiser.

Many of the Friends of the Library groups donate to the Foundation to support system-wide library programs. The Friends of the Burke Centre Library recently pledged $2,000 a year for five years for an Undergraduate Scholarship. This is now the greatest award amount for the library staff and volunteers pursuing their undergraduate educations in any field.

Academic Scholarship applications are due on April 15, for support of the graduate and undergraduate studies of current and future employees and volunteers of Fairfax County Public Library. In addition to the Academic Scholarship program, there are awards for Continuing Education and Graduate-level Continuing Education. The application deadline for those programs is July 15 and January 15. For more information on these opportunities, please visit

The Foundation receives more well-qualified application submissions in each scholarship cycle, and the need exceeds our funds. If you are interested in supporting the Scholarship Program, please contact Abigail at or 703-324-8346. There are opportunities available for named Scholarships!


Fairfax Library Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to providing supplementary support to the Fairfax County Public Library.  The Foundation, while reinforcing the need for continued and increased public support for the Library, serves as a catalyst for attracting private funding from individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to enhance library services for our community.

George Mason Friends is a Friends of the Library organization associated with George Mason Regional Library, one of the branches of the Fairfax County Public Library. They are a 501(c)3 organization so donations are tax deductible. Proceeds from the year-around Amazon store and semiannual book sales fund the Fairfax County Summer Reading program, George Mason programs and other library needs that are not covered by the county budget.