Books and Materials

The Foundation expands the library’s collection by helping to supply the 23 library branches with books and materials, to ensure that the largest possible selection is available to all community members.

Through direct donations, the Foundation can purchase needed books for the library. An Wish List is also maintained by the Foundation to inform donors of books that are in the highest demand at the library so that they may purchase them for the collection. Purchasing a book on through our Wish List can help shorten waiting lists for popular titles and it can also allow the donor to be the first to check out the book, through our First Loan Program.

Fairfax Library Foundation also funds other materials, including eBooks.  Your support assists the Foundation in keeping the most up-to-date resources available to library users.

“I use the library all the time for all types of books: hardbound, audio, and eBooks.  I love being able to access the catalog from home and put books on hold to pick up at the library.”
Carolyn Klein
Library customer

Orrin W. Macleod’s legacy continues

Fairfax County Public Library’s impressive non-print book collection exists largely thanks to the generosity of Orrin W. Macleod. Mr. Macleod worked for Eastern Airlines as a baggage handler and was a longtime and frequent visitor to the Sherwood and Martha Washington library branches. When his vision became impaired a few years prior to his death at 58 years old, Mr. Macleod became an avid patron of the library’s recorded books collection. In 1994, his magnanimous gift of $1 million was received by the Library Foundation.  An average of over $30,000 in income from this investment is used each year to expand the popular non-print collection which continues to be enjoyed by so many.

Orrin Macleod’s thoughtful gift has inspired others to include Fairfax Library Foundation in their will or estate.  If you would like to join our Legacy Circle, see how easy and simple it is to provide for the Library Foundation through planned giving.

Other large material gifts have included ExxonMobil’s sponsorship of Children’s Foreign Language Collections, totally $80,000. Children’s foreign language collection in Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese were increased. This grant allowed for the purchase of 804 Vietnamese language books, 1,200 Spanish books, videos, and cassettes, and 833 Korean books for library users to check out and enjoy!