8 Fun Reading Resolutions for 2018

Below are some reading resolutions we’re making for 2018. If you’re like us and find reading to be a big source of your entertainment, relaxation, and everyday pleasure, you might like our list of FUN ONLY reading resolutions!

  1. Read at least a little bit every day – make time for what you love.
  2. Join a book club! Or start one! (But no pressure to finish a book if you’re not enjoying it)
  3. Don’t worry whether a book is “important” or “smart” enough—read what you feel like reading. Your book list should be judgment free.
  4. Read a few books recommended by family and friends.
  5. Recommend favorite books to family and friends—share what you love!
  6. Listen to audio books to make time in traffic go by faster (Free with your library card!).
  7. Re-read a favorite book you haven’t visited in a while.
  8. Read more books from the library to save big money!

Bonus #9 – Keep track of all your reading adventures, like in a Goodreads account! It’s fun to look back on the adventures your books took you on throughout the year.

And if you want more challenging reading goals for 2018 then yay, you! We’re all for it! There are many fantastic reading challenges out there, like Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge!

Whatever your reading goals, Happy Reading in 2018!



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