2017 Academic Scholarship Recipients

Fairfax Library Foundation is proud to announce the Awardees for the 2017 Academic Scholarships. The Foundation’s Academic Scholarship Program was established to enhance the capability of the Fairfax County Public Library staff and volunteers to deliver high quality public service. Once a year, the Foundation awards several scholarships up to $5,000 for Graduate studies and up to $2,000 for Undergraduate studies to support the education of current and future employees and volunteers of Fairfax County Public Library. Our highest awards are made possible by generous sponsorships by the George Mason Friends ($5,000 award, annually for ten years) and the Friends of the Burke Centre Library ($2,000 award).

The Foundation is pleased to award scholarships to five individuals for Graduate study and ten students for Undergraduate study, for a total of $29,700 in awards. This is an increase from the $18,500 given in 2016 to four graduate students and eight undergraduate students.

Graduate Scholarship recipients are Shelby Allen, Alexa Hall, Dorothy Martino and Anita Toth, each receiving $3,000, and Suzanne LaPierre receives the $5,000 award sponsored by George Mason Friends. The scholarship funds go toward graduate education in fields that will enhance the library. Eligible fields of study include Library Science, Business Administration, School Counseling, Education, and Public Administration.

Undergraduate Scholarship recipients are Anfel Bouzid, Anna Ho, Karenna Oner, Shekinah Reese, Hannah Shaffer, Gurinder Singh, Lauren Snyder, Rachel Tiemann and Carolyn Ziegler, receiving awards ranging from $1,100 to $1,500. Amna Tahir receives the $2,000 award sponsored by the Friends of the Burke Centre Library. The scholarships go toward undergraduate education in any field. These award recipients pledge to work or volunteer at the library as participation in this Scholarship Program.

Congratulations to all recipients, and thank you for your work enhancing the library!

The Foundation received more well-qualified application submissions than ever before, and we could not grant funds to everyone. If you are interested in supporting the Scholarship Program, please contact Abigail at abigail.fine@fairfaxlibraryfoundation.org or 703-324-8346. There are opportunity available for named Scholarships!

In addition to the Academic Scholarship program, there are awards for Continuing Education and Graduate-level Continuing Education. The deadline for those programs is coming up on July 15. For more information on these opportunities, please visit www.FairfaxLibraryFoundation.org/yourgiftsatwork/scholarships.

Fairfax Library Foundation is a nonprofit corporation committed to providing supplementary support to the Fairfax County Public Library. The Foundation, while reinforcing the need for continued and increased public support for the Library, serves as a catalyst for attracting private funding from individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations to enhance library services for our community. www.FairfaxLibraryFoundation.org

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