Year-End Appeal to Support the Library

Library offers opportunityThe library offers opportunity.

The mission of Fairfax Library Foundation is to support and enhance Fairfax County Public Library’s ability to offer opportunity, beyond what the county budget supports.

Libraries are the great equalizers in society. A place where everyone, regardless of income, birthplace, or education, is invited to expand his or her mind and access critical community resources. In other words, to all who live, work and study in Fairfax County, the library offers the opportunity to access resources, deepen their education, and participate in community events.

But public funding to Fairfax County Public Library is less than 1% of every tax dollar, with greater budget challenges to come in the next fiscal year. That’s where Fairfax Library Foundation comes in—to provide vital funding for library programs like Ready to Read Early Literacy Outreach, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, Changing Lives Through Literature, Scholarships to library staff and volunteers, Summer Reading, author presentations, and books and materials for the collection. These are valuable programs that aim to raise up our neighbors with the greatest need. Without donors to Fairfax Library Foundation like you, these programs would not be possible.

New American Initiative

kids in the libraryThe Foundation is now supporting a new funding area, the New American Initiative. We believe the mission of the library is to serve all in the community, especially those who are underserved in some way. Fairfax County Public Library already provides service to English Language Learners. Immigrants to Fairfax County can find many resources in the library, from English Language Learning materials to English conversation groups. We’ve learned that with additional funding from Fairfax Library Foundation supporters, the resources available to immigrants in Fairfax County could be greatly improved. We are committed to raising an additional $15,000 to purchase the resources to provide more opportunity for our neighbors who are English Language Learners.

With increasing demands like this on our libraries and a tightening of the budget, it is more critical now than ever before that Fairfax Library Foundation cultivates not just new donors, but new partners. Please consider becoming our partner in helping our libraries—and our communities—to flourish.

Donate Now

Donate now online, or send a check payable to Fairfax Library Foundation to 12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 329, Fairfax, VA 22035. Your gifts are tax deductible and will help us enhance the programs and services of Fairfax County Public Library. Thank you for your support!

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