10 Ways the Library Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True

NY resolutions1. Learn a language

Looking to expand your horizons and gain a greater global and cultural understanding this year? Learning a language just might be for you! The Fairfax County Public Library is glad to provide FREE language learning services through partnership with Mango Languages. (We’ve tried it! It’s easy, effective and fun!)

2. Read more

The average American reads 12 books a year. Aim to break the average or make your own goal, but regardless read more! The possibilities are endless with the library catalog at your fingertips.

3. Connect with your family & learn more about yourself

Every person is unique, and so is their family. Learn more about your identity by following your family tree with Ancestry.com, FREE in your library branch.

4. Become financially literate

Forbes reports only 57% of American citizens as financially literate. Financial literacy is pertinent to avoiding debt and strengthening your money skills. Learn more at MorningStar and Value Line.

5. Master a subject or skill

Interested in becoming an expert on a species of animal or learning the history of a nation? The library offers numerous academic databases with endless information to quell your thirst for knowledge. Ebsco, ProQuest, and Gale are just a few of your options, as well as Exam Prep.

6. Get hands on

You may be surprised to learn that the library has an auto and engine repair database. Learn an essential life skill and get acquainted with your car today with either Auto Repair Reference Center or Small Engine Repair Reference Center.

7. Be more social & meet new people

The library has hundreds of events per month. Attending these events is an opportunity to meet new faces and make new friends. View offerings here.

8. Challenge yourself

Get out of your comfort zone by attempting some of the library’s annual challenges like the Summer Reading Challenge (for children and adults!) and the annual teen poetry contest.

9. Volunteer & give back

Get in the spirit of service by involving yourself with your local branch: volunteer.

10. Advocate for a cause

Lobby for library funding and continue to advocate for your legislators to acknowledge and represent your local library so that all of these resources can continue to be available to the public: advocate here!

No matter what you hope to achieve in 2017, the library is always here to support you and keep you motivated–and these resources are FREE!


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