7 Reading Resolutions for 2017

Making big plans for 2017? We are, too! Here are some of the reading-related resolutions we’re thinking about:

20171Resolution #1: Get involved

Volunteering your time and helping your local library with events is an simple yet rewarding way of giving back to the community. If you cannot volunteer, consider even just attending to show support for the library. Find details at these sites:

Resolution #2: Explore Diversity in Your Reading

Reading authors of different nationalities and literature that explores cultures not of your own is a fantastic way to gain insight to diversity and share a part of someone else’s identity and story. Your local library likely hosts diversity events and book talks, so look out for those in the Fairfax County Public Library calendar.

Resolution #3: Challenge Yourself

Reading challenges are a great way to expand your horizons and even to get a little competitive. From Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge to POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, dozens of variations of reading challenges exist and there is sure to be one for you:

Resolution #4: Give to Someone in Need

Donate books to your local library so that those who cannot afford books are still granted the opportunity for an education. Book donation guidelines may be found here.

Another way to contribute is to purchase a book with the Fairfax Library Foundation’s Amazon Wish List, where you can purchase a much-needed book directly for the library collection.

Resolution #5: Read the Book Before the Movie

Life is busy, and a book that takes 10 hours to read is not always as appealing as a movie that takes 2 hours to watch. Nevertheless, this year take the initiative to find reading time before you go to watch the adaptation of any number of films coming out this coming year; Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (7 April 2017), A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle (28 July 2017), and The Death Cure by James Dashner (12 January 2018) are just a few of the soon-to-be blockbusters with literary foundations.

Resolution #6: Revisit and Regift Favorite Childhood Reads

We all have them, the books of our past that we have yet to toss and would never think to reread. Instead of letting your childhood book collection collect dust, regift your former reads to children who can benefit from the donation. Before you donate you can even give those old books one last read as remembrance of the magic you felt growing up.

Resolution #7: Read New Genres

Maybe it will be graphic novels, maybe it will be playscripts, or maybe it will be autobiographical fiction, but whatever it is explore a genre that you have little or no experience with. You might be missing out and not even know it!

Whatever you resolve for the new year, we wish you Happy Reading!


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